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WoPoWriMo Poetry Madness

I haven't posted for a long time on here but this has been due mainly to good things!

I am taking part in a mad poetry writing challenge this year and I am even running the website for it which I did a couple of years ago and we very pleased to be asked back.

WoPoWriMo - World Poetry Writing Month - website is here if anyone else wants to join in the madness http://wopowrimo.wigglypets.co.uk/

There are even cool web-badges

I've roped my whole family in and have a little local cluster of people who I am going to be meeting up with so I am hoping to have a fun and productive month.

The idea is that we each write a poem a day! Or at least the rough first draft.

Hope everybody else is well.


Science is Vital

Not that anyone actually reads my live journal but I thought it only fair to post this here as well just in case ;)

Science is Vital so in response to the governments proposed funding cuts there is going to be a rally on the 9th and a lobbying of Parliment on the 12th.  There is a petition to sign and blog posts to be written about why it is important - I have also written a Science is Vital Poem / Rap and am inviting people to add their own verses as to why Science is Vital!

Here are the links you need:






More trouble with my OpenID so this is a comment I tried to post!

To EelKat

Big hugs - having suffered myself with back flare ups where I loose the ability to walk and stuff sometime as well as the use of my hands - I know that you must a) be scared and b) be worried about your animals etc... But the key is going to be working out coping stratagies - they are possible though you'll have to do some experiments to work out what works and what doesn't. It's going to take time but seeing what you've been through all ready I know you'll be able to cope with this - this doesn't make it any easier though but we are all here thinking off you. Saffy/Sarah

Reflecting on Basquait - a comment

I read this article http://www.theblogofinnocence.com/2009/10/reflecting-on-basquiat.html on the Blog of Innocence and made a comment which for some reason I couldn't post even though I've posted before on the site - open ID error - even though its my live journal I use for it and obviouslly that is working :( Anyway I'm posting the comment here and trying to work out have to do links in this thing:

The thing is we all define ourselves by peoples expextations of us - it is part of being human - we are social animals and in the wild ostrasiscm ment a cold hungry death so we all seek acceptance.

Most people manage this in todays society by being slightly different people in different contexts - ie who they are talking to, how they have decided to dress that day etc...

But famous people stop having that buffer and they can fill judged all the time - the expectations to meet. They never get to feel completely on their own meaning that they never get to be themselves again - reset between events and groups of people. I think this would lead to a major distortion in who they appear to be and who they want to be.

I think that they would end up feeling that they belong no where but are owned by all which would be sickening to the heart.

The whole thing brings to mind a White Strips song about dreaming when your writing in your little room but then when you've made it having to struggle to remeber what it was like in the little room to get the right feelings to create again.

I find most of my depression comes from not being able to do what people expect of me so I imagine that must be a thousand fold if it is the general public that hold your soul in their hands.

Creative Insomnia

 I spent all of last night awake and in the process painted 4 pictures though not all complete yet and then started papier machie project that I will use as my portfolio piece to try and get into the Guild of craftmen.  I also did some writing and hashing out of story lines - ironically it was a very productive 'day'.

Though I've been crotchetty since.

Hmmm Ok

 I have a feeling this is going to turn into the place for my little moans that I am frowned upon for putting on my personal blog.

Today I managed to fret about Alaric possibly getting us into a possition that would make me fret!

I have also realised that I haven't done any solid writing for quiet a time which makes me sad - I have hunted down the note books containing The Dr's Wife and I know I should be typing that up but feel the pressure to be writting the next one The Guitarist's Girl.

I am sad to note that I don't yet have any friends - maybe I need to do some active searching.

Alaric has informed me he has a Lj which was news to me and we've only been married 5 yrs!

Hello and I is a Muppet

 Well so far I have struggeled through the set up process being highly frustrated as nothing works the way I expect - and having Alaric tell me I just haven't read the instuctions again - well I am the more male part of this relationship - next on my agender will be working out how to get my tweets to appear here from twitter - where I am unsuprisingly Saffy and then maybe find the quadzillions of people who tell me they have Lj accounts.

So here goes and wish me luck.

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